#2: Nikki Phillipi


Nikki Phillipi lives in Los Angeles, is married to Dan Phillipi, and is another YouTube sensation. Nikki has a lifestyle, beauty, fashion, health, wellness and advice channel. She is considered one of the top 10 “Beauty Gurus” on YouTube. She currently has 282,867 subscribers and 17,149,857 views on her channel. She loves to inspire others with her channel and has a very charming and bubbly personality. I love her channel; she gives great advices and makes you feel as if she is directly talking to you.  The first video I watched on Nikki’s channel was a Scarf collection and styling video. I’m obsessed with scarves and I found her video very interesting and helpful. Besides being a YouTube “Beauty Guru”, Nikki has also a background on theater, dance, and she is also a singer.  I love her channel and her videos, and I’m sure you’ll do too.

Here is Nikki’s Latest Fashion video :

Also her lastest Music Video:

Fun Links:

Nikki’s Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nikki-Phillippi/174467009261357

Nikki’s Blog:  http://nikkiphillippi.blogspot.com/

Nikki”s Advice Channel: http://www.youtube.com/AskNikkiP

-Make sure you leave your comments below, check Nikki’s Channel and let me know what you think. Do you find her channels inspiring, helpful? Do you know any other Beauty Gurus?


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